Playing music and free expression dance are my passions;  5Rhythms, Trance Dance, Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza.......  

I have always found music to be food for the soul. I will lead you with my Global Beats through a musical labyrinth with influences from all over the world.

I challenge you to free your mind and let go of your habits, customs and routine so that the body only dances, your own dance or in contact with your fellow dancer(s).


















Because I can’t curb my passion for dancing you may find me frequently on a dance floor.


My base playing ground is SpiritDance Haarlem.

"See Y'all on the dancefloor"

Hi there, I’m glad you found me. I am DJ Skywalker and I like to play music for the conscious dance community.

I am a Red Self-Existing Skywalker

"Playing music is my trade, bringing happiness is my desire, uplifting souls is my aim, all people are my brothers and sisters, all countries  are my home, love and equality are my beliefs, hatred and prejudice depresses me".

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I love to play my music for the conscious dance community, my sets offer space for spontaneity, playfulness, fervor, vulnerability, strength and more. Let me surprise you and take you on a  journey through the archetypes of human consciousness, peppered with subtlety and meaning… once, touching the eternal and embracing the humanity that lies within every heart.


The music I play is an auditory expression of the love, compassion and emotion I experience day-to-day. Expect a journey through many layers, genres and tempos. And prepare to be engaged through mind, body and spirit in waves of rhythm and bass, harmony and melody and auditory love…..  

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